About AUS Basket

AUS Basket is a basketball club, which is part of Aarhus University Sports. It is not a necessity to be a student at the University to be a member of AUS Basket, though many members are.
We value both high level competitive sporting and social activities, and it is our intention to provide students (both Danes and foreigners) in Aarhus with an excellent opportunity to meet new people across fields of studies and at the same time do sports at the level they prefer.

AUS Basket comprises 7 senior teams spanning from 1st division to beginner’s level for men and women. Every team has a coach (except for the old girls team), who is in charge of the practices.

To learn more about the different teams send an e-mail to Silje, who is responsible for new members: medlem@ausbasket.dk or press on the red team names below. 

In addition to the regular practices many players use Friday evening as an opportunity to play mixed games. “Open Gym” at 5 p.m. is for all members of AUS basket, also girls.

Mens teams
1st Men’s team: Plays in the 2nd division and practices twice a week.
2nd Men’s team: Plays in the 3rd division and practices twice a week.
3rd men's team: Plays in series 1 and practices twice a week. Team for players with a fair amount of experience. 
4th Men’s team: Plays in series 2 and practices twice a week. Team for beginners and players with little experience.
Womens teams
1st Women’s team: Plays in the 1st division and practices twice a week.
2nd Women’s team: Plays in the 1st series and practices twice a week.
3rd Women’s team: Plays in the 1st series and practices twice a week (this is also where completely new players start).
4th Woman's team Plays in the 2nd division and practices once a week (Old girls team, no coach).
AUS basket strives to be remembered for sociality, and therefore, a number of “traditions” have been established during the past years:
Weekend tournament "Stævne"
In the beginning of the season (a weekend of September) we arrange our own weekend tournament. Several teams from other clubs will stay with us and play games, party and make new relations.
We have 3 parties during the season:
- A start-up party in the middle of October "GodAUS", which welcomes new players and re-welcomes old ones.
- A Christmas party in December. “Julefrokost”.
- An “End of the season”-party in the end of May. “AUSlutningsfest”.

Besides these parties we encourage the individual teams to arranges their own social arrangements, for example a Christmas party, which is often arranged with another team of the opposite sex.

Club tournament "Klubturnering"
The regular basketball tournament ends in the beginning of April. To stay in shape and to promote social activities across the teams, the club invites the club members to participate in a club tournament, which includes a male and a female tournament. In this tournament, the teams are made across the regular teams, which means that experienced and beginners are mixed. The games are played as the tournament games with educated referees and scoreboard. Depending on the number of teams, there will be semifinals and finals, which will be played just before AUSlutningsfesten. The winning team gets to mock the others for a whole year J
Summer practice
When the club tournament ends, there will be one or two men’s and women’s practices pr. week until the end of June.
If you would like to know more about AUS basket, do not hesitate to contact us at: medlem@ausbasket.dk
We practice at the following gyms:
Vorregårdsallé 109
8200 Aarhus N 

Vis stort kort
Langkær Gymnasium og HF
Kileparken 25
8381 Tilst 

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Jernaldervej 5,
8210 Aarhus V
Gøteborg Allé 9
8200 Aarhus N 

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